Pest-related Electrical Problems

Rodents like rats mice, squirrels and sometimes even raccoons can nest in the wintertime in home attics if entry points aren’t sealed off properly. They can wreak havoc in your home by leaving droppings, footprints, and even a stench. But that is not even the worst that they can do: pests can actually chew up [...]

Saving Energy with Timer Light Switches

Lights get left on accidently all the time—and it raises our energy bills significantly as a result. So what’s the solution? Wall light switch timers automatically turn off your lights after a scheduled time. If your home life is hectic and your family tends to have a busy schedule (or is slightly forgetful), this is [...]

Update Your Smoke Alarms this Winter

Wintertime is a really important time to consider updating your smoke alarms if you haven’t already this year. With the holiday season happening at full force, the cooking, candle-lighting and hot chocolate by the fire… makes it a season for the need for safety. Smoke alarms are completely underrated. If there’s a fire, smoke alarms [...]

How to Handle Electrical Emergencies

Electrical emergencies can happen at any time and can have a variety of impacts. Ensuring you’re prepared in advance for them is essential in controlling any damage that can be caused to yourself, the people around you in your home and to your home itself. Aside from preparation, having the right resources at hand helps [...]

General Strategies to Save on Energy Costs this Holiday Season

With the holiday season around the corner, the house will be buzzing and active and full of energy. Friends, family and loved ones often get together to spend the holidays in good company. We often get caught up in the various aspects of the holidays like the food, wine, traditions and the gift giving and [...]

Common Winter Electricity Concerns

Winter is here once again, and with dropping temperatures come new concerns regarding your electrical system. Winter can wreck havoc on the electrical systems in both residential and commercial properties. The low temperatures combined with extreme weather conditions can spell disaster for an electrical system in your home or at your place of business. Here [...]

Save energy at the Office

We recently posted a guide to energy efficient lighting for your business highlighting some key practices for lighting your business in an environmentally conscious way. Offices generally use a lot of energy. With multiple lights, electronics running, appliances and more, it’s important to save energy not only to cut costs but to also be environmentally [...]

A Guide To Energy Efficient Lighting For Your Business

Commercial lighting systems are constantly changing and improving to become more energy efficient and less wasteful. These new advances in lighting technology can be easily implemented without totally disrupting your workplace. Whether you’re constructing a new commercial space or simply looking to upgrade the lighting design in your current work environment, here is an easy-to-follow [...]

How to Avoid Electrical Fires

Electrical Fires are the cause of over 20% of fires in Canada. That sounds like a low statistic but when you think about it, they should be entirely preventable. Faulty and outdated wiring is the number one reason electrical fires happen. Sometimes it’s a result of cheap, poorly done work and at other times it [...]

Creative Lighting Solutions to Open Up Your Home

If you live in a small house or a space that doesn't get much natural light, it can be difficult to make your home feel bright and open. Don’t let the limitations of your space keep you in the dark—with the right lighting choices, it’s easy to make any room look spacious and airy. Here [...]