Save energy at the Office

We recently posted a guide to energy efficient lighting for your business highlighting some key practices for lighting your business in an environmentally conscious way. Offices generally use a lot of energy. With multiple lights, electronics running, appliances and more, it’s important to save energy not only to cut costs but to also be environmentally [...]

A Guide To Energy Efficient Lighting For Your Business

Commercial lighting systems are constantly changing and improving to become more energy efficient and less wasteful. These new advances in lighting technology can be easily implemented without totally disrupting your workplace. Whether you’re constructing a new commercial space or simply looking to upgrade the lighting design in your current work environment, here is an easy-to-follow [...]

How to Avoid Electrical Fires

Electrical Fires are the cause of over 20% of fires in Canada. That sounds like a low statistic but when you think about it, they should be entirely preventable. Faulty and outdated wiring is the number one reason electrical fires happen. Sometimes it’s a result of cheap, poorly done work and at other times it [...]

Creative Lighting Solutions to Open Up Your Home

If you live in a small house or a space that doesn't get much natural light, it can be difficult to make your home feel bright and open. Don’t let the limitations of your space keep you in the dark—with the right lighting choices, it’s easy to make any room look spacious and airy. Here [...]

Energy Efficient Lighting Choices

We’ve previously written about the benefits of using LED lights however, there are a few different options for lighting that are certified energy efficient initiatives. The most popular light bulbs aside from LED lights are halogen incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Here is a closer look into these two forms of lighting and [...]

Common Household Electrical Hazards

Most of us rely on electric energy so much that we may not even recognize an electrical safety hazard in our own homes. Electrical hazards have the power to seriously damage your home and cause severe injury to you and your loved ones. Sometimes, these hazards can’t be seen or smelled so they can be [...]

Are You Wasting Electricity Without Even Knowing It?

As electricity prices continue to rise, many Canadians keep looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. Nobody wants to pay more for bills than they have to. But what if people are spending money on things they aren’t even aware of? That’s actually more of a problem when it comes to electricity [...]

Why Energy Efficiency Matters

According to the CBC, the average Canadian household spends $100 on electricity a month. Contractors like Gavin Electric are dedicated to providing lighting solutions that help increase energy efficiency for this very reason. It’s expensive to provide electricity to a home, but the issue goes much deeper than that. There are many reasons why energy [...]

The Benefits of Using LED Lights

In the modern world, it’s becoming more and more important to protect the environment. The best way to stay eco-friendly in your own home is to reduce your energy consumption. LED lights are the most innovative technological advancement in the lighting industry in recent years. LED lights are much more energy efficient than incandescent lightbulbs, [...]

Signs That Your Home Needs Electrical Maintenance

Sometimes electrical problems can be obvious, but often they can be difficult to detect until it’s too late. Don’t wait until a serious electrical disaster strikes to have your home electrical system inspected and repaired. Contact a professional electrician at the first sign of any electrical issue to save yourself time, money and aggravation. Here [...]