10 Things That Your Electrician Wishes You Knew

The Code Electrical code requirements are important! They keep you safe, and keep your home following provincial regulations. That’s one of the many reasons why it is important to hire a licensed electrician. A person who does not have a license (including someone who works in the construction industry) is not educated on the frequent [...]

Fire Safety with Electricity

We all know that electricity can be a safety hazard. If you suspect that there is a potentially harmful or damaged outlet or electrical source in your home, give Gavin Electric a call and let us take care of the situation. Electricity can be incredibly dangerous, and it is better to let trained professionals take [...]

Saving Energy While Using Light

We all know to turn the light off when we leave the house or a room to save energy. Saving electricity by turning the light off is second nature to most of us. But what about when you are using a space and want to create a bright, inviting atmosphere? Lights are natural mood enhancers, [...]

The Best Ways to Save Electricity – And the Environment

It is easy to forget that we get all of our resources from nature – especially electricity.  Depending on which provinces around the country you live in, electricity can come from harmful fossil fuels, hydro-electric dams, or even nuclear power plants. All of these methods of producing electricity have ecological and environmental impacts on the [...]

Household Issues That Affect Your Home’s Electricity

Household Issues That Affect Your Home’s Electricity There are some things that every homeowner has to deal with.  Some are more mundane than others, but many of them are interconnected to other issues in the house you might not even be thinking about at the time – an issue with the plumbing can affect [...]

Signs That it’s Time for a Renovation

Houses are made to withstand a lot.  Through howling winds, freezing winters, and blistering summers, your home protects you from the worst of the elements.  However, just like people, houses are not indestructible, no matter how strong they seem.  Things get warped, worn out, and worn down over time and through the wear and tear [...]

Roof De-Icing Cable: Your Lifesaver This Winter

Roof De-Icing Cable: Your Lifesaver This Winter Winter always catches us by surprise at one point or another.  Even after we think we have weathered the worst of it, winter can throw us a curveball, even as it gives way to spring.  A build-up of ice and snow on your home’s roof can lead [...]

Why Does My Electrical Outlet No Longer Work?

Why Does My Electrical Outlet No Longer Work? First of all, it is important to note that any work done on the electrical system in your home is best done by a professional.   If you attempt to fix certain issues on your own without a professional, you could get badly hurt from an electric [...]

How to Lower your Electricity Bills This Winter

How to Lower your Electricity Bills This Winter Winter is coming, and the Quebec winter season is not known for being forgiving. We know that staying warm and getting to work without freezing are your top priorities, but saving money on your bills is something that people are always thinking about. Heating bills certainly jump [...]

Electrical Home Renovations

Electrical Home Renovations Did you know that electrical renovations can boost your home’s value and enhance your lifestyle and comfort, all at the same time? However, any home renovation absolutely must include electrical renovation. How can you begin this process? Contact us! Our professional electricians are some of the best in Montreal. All together, they [...]