Commercial Space Lighting: What You Need To Know

Designing a lighting plan for a commercial space can be a difficult undertaking. There are certain aesthetic and practical elements that should be considered before deciding on an electrical plan. Whether you’re constructing a new space or renovating an old one, here are a few things to consider before designing the electric layout of your [...]

The Solar Revolution is Coming to Canada

It's 2016, and the evidence is clear: homeowners have bought into the benefits of investing in solar power. With so many incentives available to homeowners at every income level many have spent up to a third of their home’s value on solar panel additions. For many homeowners, the incentives available through municipalities and other initiatives [...]

Battery-powered Homes: Could This Be the Way of the Future?

  In recent years, the concept of residential home battery packs has flourished into a small market with the increased growth of solar installations. The idea is to help homeowners cut down on their energy costs. In the United States where many areas are inundated with renewable energy during the off-peak time of use (like [...]

Should You Get a Backup Generator?

As the summer comes rolling in, being without electricity during a heat wave can be more than a little uncomfortable.  In addition to being convenient for standard, low-risk power outages, having a backup generator can be a lifesaver in more serious emergencies as well.  If a storm knocks out your power for the whole neighbourhood, [...]

Modernize Your Lighting and Save!

If you are thinking about home renovations, lighting may not be the first thing on your mind. However, it should be! In Montreal, many older houses have retained their old lighting fixtures. We love the classic quality of the heritage homes in Montreal, but the truth is some things should be changed. You can keep [...]

10 Things That Your Electrician Wishes You Knew

The Code Electrical code requirements are important! They keep you safe, and keep your home following provincial regulations. That’s one of the many reasons why it is important to hire a licensed electrician. A person who does not have a license (including someone who works in the construction industry) is not educated on the frequent [...]

Fire Safety with Electricity

We all know that electricity can be a safety hazard. If you suspect that there is a potentially harmful or damaged outlet or electrical source in your home, give Gavin Electric a call and let us take care of the situation. Electricity can be incredibly dangerous, and it is better to let trained professionals take [...]

The Best Ways to Save Electricity – And the Environment

It is easy to forget that we get all of our resources from nature – especially electricity.  Depending on which provinces around the country you live in, electricity can come from harmful fossil fuels, hydro-electric dams, or even nuclear power plants. All of these methods of producing electricity have ecological and environmental impacts on the [...]

Household Issues That Affect Your Home’s Electricity

Household Issues That Affect Your Home’s Electricity There are some things that every homeowner has to deal with.  Some are more mundane than others, but many of them are interconnected to other issues in the house you might not even be thinking about at the time – an issue with the plumbing can affect [...]

Signs That it’s Time for a Renovation

Houses are made to withstand a lot.  Through howling winds, freezing winters, and blistering summers, your home protects you from the worst of the elements.  However, just like people, houses are not indestructible, no matter how strong they seem.  Things get warped, worn out, and worn down over time and through the wear and tear [...]