Winter is here once again, and with dropping temperatures come new concerns regarding your electrical system. Winter can wreck havoc on the electrical systems in both residential and commercial properties. The low temperatures combined with extreme weather conditions can spell disaster for an electrical system in your home or at your place of business. Here are just a few of the most common winter electricity concerns so you can be prepared for any potential emergency situation over the next few months.

Blackouts and Power Outages

Blackouts and power outages tend to happen more frequently during the winter. A severe snowstorm or a buildup of ice or fallen tree branches can cause power to become disconnected. Having a backup power supply such as a stand-by generator is a good idea in case of emergency. Make sure you also have emergency supplies such as non-perishable food, water and warm blankets in your home or business in case the blackout lasts for longer than expected.

Electrical Fires

Harsh winter storms can damage your property and also lead to electrical fires. If your roof collapses from the weight of snow or a wayward tree branch crashes into your home, there’s an increased risk of electrical fires. The best way to prevent these disasters is to have your home fully inspected by a professional electrician to spot any potential fire hazards and have them repaired immediately.

Rising Electricity Costs

You may notice your electricity bill is a higher than usual during the winter. Your heating system has to work harder and longer during the winter to keep your property at a desirable temperature. The best way to keep your electricity costs down during the winter is to invest in energy-efficient electrical designs and accessories, such as LED light bulbs. Having your electrical system inspected and repaired can also help to prevent outdated and damaged wiring from wasting electricity.

It’s important to consider the best ways to keep your home or business safe, warm and bright over the winter season. For high-quality electrical maintenance and repair, contact the professional and experienced contractors at Gavin Electric. We’ll ensure that the electrical system in your home or business is prepared for the upcoming months.