When wiring (or re-wiring) their homes for the first time, most people are first concerned with the look and style of the fixtures, placement of the fans, and maybe about where they want their outlets placed. This is all important, but a good electrician can make sure that your interactions with your light fixtures via switches, electrical outlets and appliances are not only safe, but make sense to you. Finding a good and licensed electrician is the single most important thing to think about in this case because it can make a world of a difference to how your house is wired.

Communicating with your Electrician

Communicating your needs early on before drywall and insulation is put up can save you a lot of money in the long run. It is always helpful to know your electrician’s plans so you can make changes accordingly.

You also have to think about what you will have in the home. Maybe you’re planning on installing a hot tub, or you’re the type of family that goes away every holiday and you could benefit from having a lighting system that has timers built into it. Maybe you want heated floors for the bathrooms, or a whole-house sound system. Or maybe you’re wiring a cottage and you need a stand-by generator.

When designing your home’s electrical system, all of these things must be taken into consideration. All choices also need to follow local safety codes for the area at a minimum. Having an electrician that goes above and beyond is a bonus – because it means they really know what they are doing.

Other Things to Think About

Other things that are beneficial to think of could be more specifically related to the type of lighting you might decide to use. An example could be adding a transformer and bringing 110-volt household power to 98-volts. Doing this allows you to safely install low-voltage accent lighting fixtures independently if you wanted to add extra lighting at any point in the future. This could be in hallways, outside in the backyard, on ceilings, or simply under cabinets in the kitchen.

Thinking about the future is just as important as thinking about what’s right in front of you. There is a lot to consider when wiring or re-wiring a home but if you and your electrician establish good communication practices together, you could make one dynamic team.