If you live in a small house or a space that doesn’t get much natural light, it can be difficult to make your home feel bright and open. Don’t let the limitations of your space keep you in the dark—with the right lighting choices, it’s easy to make any room look spacious and airy. Here are a few lighting solutions to open up your home.

Choose Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, also known as canned lighting, is a great way to bring light to hard-to-reach corners and crevices of your home. Recessed lighting fixtures can be built directly into your ceiling and direct light through a circular fixture to point at a particular area of a room. Recessed lighting is the best lighting solutions for irregularly shaped rooms because they can be placed to light up those hidden areas missed by a single overhead light.

Try Track Lighting

Track lighting is another way to make your home feel more spacious and open. Track lighting arranges a series of fixtures along a track to spread light across a space. This track can be designed in a number of shapes to best accommodate your home. Unlike conventional overhead lighting, track lighting distributes light evenly throughout the space, which helps to create a sense of unity and fullness to your home.

Switch to LED Lights

LED lights aren’t only great for the environment—they can also help keep your home brighter for longer! LED bulbs come in a range of colours and brightness levels, so you have more control over the ambience of your home. Unlike traditional lightbulbs, LED bulbs won’t get dull over time so you can ensure that all the rooms in your house stay brightly lit for a long time to come.

Finding the best lighting solutions to brighten up a small space can be a difficult challenge, but with the help of a professional electrical company, you can turn any room into a beautiful and spacious part of your home. For high-quality electrical renovations and repairs, contact us today at Gavin Electric.