Electricians often operate in the dark, deep parts of our home. We let them in our front doors and point in the direction of the problem, scurrying back to our kitchens to flip an omelette on the stove. We hear them tinkering downstairs, or behind our couches, clanging and banging and clipping away. But how often do we stop to consider the quality of the work? Being an electrician is a tough job, and one that requires determination, passion, and keen attention to detail.

To help you find the best, most qualified professional for the job, here are a few tips on how to determine a quality electrician:

1.Proper Time Management. To be successful in life, one can start by doing two things: showing up, and showing up on time. If your electrician arrives on time, they’re off to a great start. Before starting a project, electricians must give a time estimate for how long it will take. Electricians who get projects done on time are highly sought-after.

2.Interpersonal Skill. Although much of being an electrician consists of tinkering with wires and appliances, effective communication is a crucial component to the job. When operating in the homes and businesses of clients, it’s important to be personable, understanding, and a good listener. Some clients may be initially uncomfortable with electricians being in their home. The best electricians put these concerns at ease with a friendly and optimistic attitude.

3.Intellectual Skill. You don’t need an English degree to become an electrician, however, the job does require a certain level of reading, writing, and communication. Electricians are often asked to write up reports and blueprints for clients. Their reports should be legible and easy to understand. A certain degree of algebra is also required, as measurements and calculations are a big part of being an electrician.

4.Proven Track Record. The best electricians get rave reviews. A simple Google search should reveal testimonials about their service, as well as any awards or recognitions received in the past.

5.Honesty. Honesty is perhaps one of the most important traits of a good electrician. Having a stranger working in your home or office can feel like an invasion of privacy. The best electricians earn the trust of their clients through honesty and friendliness.

Finding an electrician you trust is important—it’s not simply a matter of who does the job fastest, or which company gives the best rates.
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