Electrical Home Maintenance

Electrical home maintenance, for most people, is about as fun as a root canal, but it’s definitely important for protecting your investment in your home. A simple checklist can help you conduct routine maintenance and plan for larger-scale maintenance. At all times, you should make sure that your electrical panel or fuse box is readily accessible. Once a month or so, check all your lights and fans, and be sure to do this after you come back from lengthy vacations, too. Be sure that you balance any wobbly ceiling fans. Make sure your breakers are labeled, too – this will save time in an emergency. Invest in an outlet tester – they are usually less than $10 – and test your outlets regularly.

Warning signs that you should call a professional include sizzling sounds, burning odors, and chronically dimming or flickering lights. Once a year or whenever you move, you should have a licensed electrician check your electrical panel. He or she can even use an infrared tester to pinpoint circuit breaker problems. An annual home electricity checkup is just good practice, especially if you are considering renovations or putting your home on the market.

However, electrical home maintenance is a partnership between the homeowner or resident and the local electrician. The simple checks described above must be combined with scheduled electrical maintenance. Wiring should always be maintained, checked, and serviced by a professional.

Here in Montreal, Gavin Electric has professionals standing by and ready to work with you to solve your electrical contracting problems, whether they are mundane maintenance or more exotic problems.

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