Electrical jobs that should be left to a professional

Anyone who has ever played the computer game The Sims knows that some electrical jobs are best left to the professionals. In The Sims, reading some books about fixing things will build the individual’s skills, but real life is much more complicated. There is a fine balance between calling an electrician for every little thing and risking your own safety. When should you call the electrician and when should you attempt a DIY?

Generally speaking, if you are dealing with wires at all in any way, you should call an electrician, period. Wires are extremely dangerous. Sit back and let the experts handle it. The same goes for if you are cutting into finished walls. Upgrading your electric panel or adding new rooms should also only be done by professionals – especially since these tasks usually involve permits. Ceiling-mounted fans and lights can also be very difficult due to the effects of the weight of the fixture, so this is one that the professionals should do, too. This is also true for dimmer switches, because the switches must be carefully matched to the light bulb.

The good news is there are also some tasks you can do yourself. Flipping the breakers in your fuse box will often resolve simple outages. Even though there is always a moment of confusion or panic following such outages, you don’t need to call an electrician.

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