Why Does My Electrical Outlet No Longer Work?

First of all, it is important to note that any work done on the electrical system in your home is best done by a professional.   If you attempt to fix certain issues on your own without a professional, you could get badly hurt from an electric shock.

Sometimes the issue is not as bad as you think. Before calling a professional, check to see if other outlets in your house are also no longer functioning – if other outlets aren’t working, it may be an issue with your circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers are industrial switches that reset the electrical connections in your home. Usually they are tucked away in a basement of your house or the back room of your apartment, near the water heater. Taking care to ensure nothing that needs a constant stream of electricity is connected, try turning these switches all the way off, then on once more. If the electricity does not return after you do this, it is likely a more complex issue.

Again, it is important not to attempt to open the outlet to see the wiring without calling a professional. Coming in contact with aluminum wiring can be very hazardous and only a licenced electrical professional should attempt to fix any issues with this wiring.

An electrical outlet no longer working is a common enough problem that should not take long to fix, especially in the hands of an electrician. After trying some non-invasive fixes yourself like flipping the circuit breakers, be sure to call a trusted and certified electrician. Call Gavin Electric.



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