We all know that electricity can be a safety hazard. If you suspect that there is a potentially harmful or damaged outlet or electrical source in your home, give Gavin Electric a call and let us take care of the situation. Electricity can be incredibly dangerous, and it is better to let trained professionals take care of your home than to have a potentially devastating situation on your hands. However, there are some simple preventative measures that you can take in your home to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Electricity Safety Tips

  • Don’t pull on cords from the middle. Detach cord from where the plug meets the outlet. This will ensure that your cords last longer and also prevent potential shocks.
  • Replace cords that have exposed wires or visible external damage.
  • Keep water away from electrical appliances, outlets, and cords.
  • Do not unplug cords when your hands are wet.
  • If an appliance or cord becomes hot, unplug and do not use it for a while. If when you try again, the same thing happens, replace the electrical item and/or call an electrician to verify the safety of the outlet.
  • Do not allow kids to play with or potentially stick their fingers in outlets or near light bulbs.
  • Keep light bulbs and electrical heaters away from combustible items, such as curtains or furniture covers.
  • Label your circuit breakers and fuse boxes.
  • Use the amperage and wattage that is required.
  • Do not tie cords.
  • Turn off all lights and appliances before leaving the house.
  • Use a fuse that has the correct rating.
  • Unplug appliances when they are not in use.
  • Use appliances only for their intended use.

Proper electricity safety is important for the whole family. Make sure that your kids understand how to interact with electricity in a cautious manner. If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to  contact Gavin Electric for professional advice you can trust.