With the holiday season around the corner, the house will be buzzing and active and full of energy. Friends, family and loved ones often get together to spend the holidays in good company. We often get caught up in the various aspects of the holidays like the food, wine, traditions and the gift giving and forget about how to enjoy the holidays while staying energy-efficient. Here are some strategies to stay energy-efficient while enjoying the holidays this coming year!

Insulate your home

Do some parts of your home feel cooler than others? You may want to try insulating the window instead of turning the heat up. Strip your doors or put plastic sheets over the windows to ensure that the cold air stays out!

Heat only parts of the home you use

Simply put: heat only the parts of your home that you’re actively using. Is your basement just for storage? Do you have a room you go into only once in a while? Stay energy efficient and lower your heating costs by following this rule!

Turn down the heat at night or while you’re away

At nighttime, keep everyone warm with blankets, socks and comfortable nightwear. Put rugs on the floor and if necessary, use a small portable heater, rather than keep the temperatures high in the entire house all night. By following this rule, you and your guests can comfortably sleep in warmth, while knowing you’re remaining energy efficient.

Pay attention to lights

If everyone is spending time in mainly the kitchen, dining room and living room areas, be sure that all of the lights and electronics in the rest of your home are turned off. This may seem like only a small gesture but it makes a huge difference toward energy efficiency in the long run!

Staying energy efficient not only helps the environment but also helps reduce your year-end costs. If you’re in need of any tips, advice or electrical services, get in touch with us today. Happy holidays!