Commercial lighting systems are constantly changing and improving to become more energy efficient and less wasteful. These new advances in lighting technology can be easily implemented without totally disrupting your workplace. Whether you’re constructing a new commercial space or simply looking to upgrade the lighting design in your current work environment, here is an easy-to-follow guide to energy efficient commercial lighting from the technicians at Gavin Electric.

Save Your Money

Lighting accounts for almost 35% of electricity usage in the average commercial space. Poor efficiency lighting not only wastes energy; it also can cause your electricity bills to rise astronomically, which can significantly alter your budget and lower your profits. Installing energy efficient light sources, fixtures and controls can lower you energy bill up to 50 per cent. Not only that—energy efficient light can help reduce the strain that lighting has on other electrical systems such as refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation.

Plan Ahead

Creating or modifying your lighting plan can be difficult, but with the right preparation it’s simple to create a lighting scheme that is efficient and effective. Before embarking on any renovations, think about the goal of your lighting redesign. Are you looking to reduce electricity costs? Have you been unhappy with the lighting in your commercial space in the past? Do you want to reduce the amount of maintenance and upkeep your lighting system requires? Energy efficient lighting can address all three of those issues. Having a clear goal will give lighting designers and technicians a better idea of how to create and execute an energy efficient lighting design that’s best for your business.

Energy efficient lighting isn’t just for residential spaces—it can also have many benefits for commercial properties, including reducing electricity costs and improving ambiance. For professional energy-efficient lighting design, installation, maintenance and repair, trust the experienced technicians at Gavin Electric. For more information about our comprehensive electrical services for commercial properties, contact us today.