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Isn’t it nice to be living in the future? You can hold a magic device in your hand, look up all the facts that ever existed, and choose to look at cat pictures instead. All kidding aside, technology has hit our lives like a tidal wave, and every aspect of life has been affected, even here in Montreal. Believe it or not, wireless technology can automate our homes. How? Safety can be improved through appliance and lighting control: we no longer need elaborate animations like Kevin used in Home Alone to make our homes look bright and lived-in when we’re out of town. Second, automated door locks can improve entry systems, locking doors and unlocking them even when you forget your keys. Security cameras can also provide a multi-camera view of your home and grounds even when you’re gone.

All these gadgets are fun in and of themselves for the technophile, but they have added benefits as well. Convenience is one of these, since they mean that lights can be turned on and off remotely. Another is efficiency: energy savings can add up nicely if smart home technology means that a home uses less electricity. Naturally, security goes hand in hand with the other two. Convenience, efficiency, and security – who wouldn’t want these benefits? Here in Montreal, being house-proud just comes with the territory. A smart home is a modern home. However, installing all these solutions may take expertise.

Here in Montreal, Gavin Electric has professionals standing by and ready to work with you to solve your home automation needs.

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