Household Issues That Affect Your Home’s Electricity

There are some things that every homeowner has to deal with.  Some are more mundane than others, but many of them are interconnected to other issues in the house you might not even be thinking about at the time – an issue with the plumbing can affect an issue with some old drywall, for example.  It is good to keep in mind, when you are fixing a problem in your home, that other aspects of the building could be changed or damaged at the same time.  Here are some issues that can have electrical side effects.


Often times in the winter, mice come into houses to seek a long-term refuge from the winter – and chewing through cereal boxes in the pantry comes in handy for staying fed as well!  It goes without saying that for hygienic reasons, you do not want an infestation of mice in your home.  They have a tendency to chew through everything in order to get at your food or simply to get at where they are going.

They are tenacious pests, because they will chew through anything they have to – including electrical wires.  A chewed electrical wire can cause an electrical short-circuit in your home or simply cause your lights and electrical connections to stop working.  Try to discourage mice from entering your home in the first place by having gaps in walls or floorboards filled in or sealed with caulking.  Otherwise, you might have to get a lot of your electrical wiring replaced.

Poor Insulation

Insulation isn’t just to keep your house warm.  Pipes throughout your home need to be properly insulated to make sure condensation doesn’t form around the outsides of the pipes and leak into the wall itself.  If there is condensation on your pipes, that excess water can easily pool around any electrical wiring in the vicinity and cause problems with both your home’s lighting and safety.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility not to let one problem become two.  Keep your home in top shape so your house and its electricity stay in great condition for as long as you live there. For help with your home’s electrical needs, contact Gavin Electric today.

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