If you are thinking about home renovations, lighting may not be the first thing on your mind. However, it should be! In Montreal, many older houses have retained their old lighting fixtures. We love the classic quality of the heritage homes in Montreal, but the truth is some things should be changed. You can keep the old wood and the plaster medallions on the ceilings, but you need to update your lighting if you want to save on your energy bill.

A lot has changed in recent years with electricity (and electricity consumption). Manufacturers and consumers alike are aware of the need for energy efficient electricity solutions. Energy regulating bodies have been created to ensure that the consumer is aware of the best energy options available to them.

To save on energy, you should be using ENERGY STAR lighting fixtures. In fact, HydroQuebec will even offer you a rebate to switch over to these more energy-efficient fixtures!

Why? Well, for several reasons. Check out these figures:

  • LED fixtures use 80% less power than incandescent fixtures. (CFL fixtures use 75% less power than incandescent fixtures.)
  • LED integrated fixtures typically last 25,000 hours and CFLs typically last 10,000 hours. That’s a lot longer than incandescent.
  • The warranty on LED and CFL fixtures is at least three years. That’s much better than the one year usually offered for incandescent lighting.
  • LED and CFL fixtures provide more even and effective light distribution than incandescent fixtures, which allows you to turn on less lights but have a brighter room.

Once you’ve experienced the savings provided by switching over to energy efficient lighting, you won’t go back. Then you can pay for the new coffee table that you’ve been wanting! Call us today to book a consultation and let us transform your home.