Rodents like rats mice, squirrels and sometimes even raccoons can nest in the wintertime in home attics if entry points aren’t sealed off properly. They can wreak havoc in your home by leaving droppings, footprints, and even a stench. But that is not even the worst that they can do: pests can actually chew up your electrical wires and make your home vulnerable to property damage.

Why do pests chew wires?

Rodents chew on wires to sharpen their teeth in order to help their teeth grow so they can effectively feed themselves. If their teeth aren’t sharp enough, they will not be able to find food to survive. If you have pests in your home, you may notice that your internet wires, electrical wires and cables (and even metal pipes!) are chewed to no end.

What can this do to my home?

Not only does this damage your property, it can subject your home to pest-related electrical fires! Chewed up wires are no longer insulated anymore and can get overheated and spark a fire. It’s only a matter of time before a wire short circuits and sparks into a fire or heats up and ignites an object nearby like a wooden surface.

What can I do?

The first thing to do is put plastic insulation around electrical wiring if you think you have pests in your home. This will prevent wires from getting overheated and hopefully keep the pests away from chewing. You can call your local electrician to come help you and give you advice on how to proceed.

We also suggest that you call a pest removal service to deal with the pests from the source.

Other considerations

If your home burns down due to an electrical fire connected to pests it may not be covered by home owners insurance. Failing to deal with pests is considered a gradual damage in the eyes of many homeowners’ insurance policies. Damage caused by pests is often considered a long-term problem that must be prevented by regular home maintenance. Damage that can be prevented is often not covered by insurance policies or has limited coverage.

Be proactive

If you have pests, call us at Gavin Electric to come see the extent of the damage and to ensure that your home isn’t vulnerable to an electrical fire. From there, you can take the right steps to protect your home and to remove unwanted pests that can do severe damage to your property.