Your bathroom is an integral part of your life – it is where you start and end your day, where you get ready to go out, and where you get ready for other countless events in your life.  It stands to reason that your bathroom would get some of the best treatment than any other room in your house. Home renovation technology have advanced to the point where luxuries like heated floors and backlit mirrors are more and more common and accessible.

Bathroom Renovation Options

  • Heated Floors

In the colder months, whether your home is in an urban or rural environment, a heated bathroom floor can make all the difference in the mornings when getting ready for the day.  No one likes stepping out of the shower or bath onto a chilly tiled floor.  You can fix that problem forever with some professional bathroom renovations which include a heated floor system.

A heated floor is a wonderful addition in a cottage or rustic country home to keep the cold at bay – even if the rest of the home is not as heated as insulated as the bathroom, being warm after bathing can go a long way to keeping you warm in other rooms too.

  • Rewiring

Lighting in your bathroom can be more important than you may realize.  Being able to see yourself in good light in the mirror in the morning, for example, can ensure the rest of your day is at the best it can be.  Having safe, properly installed lighting in your bathroom makes your home more inviting, and adds value to your property.

If you are planning a bathroom renovation and need electrical work done for anything from lighting to heated floors and more, the experienced Montreal Electricians at Gavin Electric have all your needs covered.  Contact us today for a top-notch professional treatment for your bathroom renovation.