Roof De-Icing Cable: Your Lifesaver This Winter

Winter always catches us by surprise at one point or another.  Even after we think we have weathered the worst of it, winter can throw us a curveball, even as it gives way to spring.  A build-up of ice and snow on your home’s roof can lead to damage to your eaves troughs, leaks in your roof, and even leaky or overflowing eaves troughs in the spring when all the built up ice and snow on your roof starts to melt.  One of the best and safest solutions to this seasonal problem is getting a roof de-icing cable installed from Gavin Electric.

Peace of Mind and Body

When your eaves troughs are clogged with dirt and leaves and need a thorough cleaning, many people get out their ladders, climb up high, and clean them out themselves.  This practice can be dangerous even in pleasant weather.  Rather than climbing up a ladder in the middle of icy winter and flailing a broom or a shovel over the edges of your roof, a roof de-icing cable sits on the lover two feet of your roof and safely melts away any snow or ice that may be building up over time.  This prevents you from needing to climb up to your roof yourself and it also works without supervision and minimal maintenance.  You can rest easily and cosily inside knowing your home is safe from ice and snow.

Home Protection

Water has a way of damaging and warping materials when it hangs around too long.  When snow and ice sticks around on a roof for too long and it starts to melt, either in the spring or the mid-winter, water can start to penetrate your roof’s shingles and cause leaks that can damage the inside of your home.  Damp roof materials can also warp further when the water inside freezes and expands overnight.  Having a roof de-icing cable is the way to go to protect your roof from winter damage.

This winter, don’t let the cold get a best of you.  Keep yourself and your home warm and safe this season.

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