Raising a family presents its own challenges it terms of energy conservation. Your children may not know the financial and environmental importance of saving electricity, and it can hard to track energy usage if you live in a home with many people. If your family is looking to moderate your electricity use, here are some tips and trips for household energy efficiency.

Get Outside

Especially in the warmer months, try to spend more family time outdoors. Take camping trips, go to the beach or park, or even go for a walk around the neighbourhood. Energy costs go up if there’s always someone home to use an appliance or turn something on. Give your home’s electricity circuits a few hours of off time each day by leaving the house together as a group.


If you live in a large household, it can be difficult to figure out who keeps leaving the fridge door open or leaving the light on in the bathroom. Make sure that everyone in your house knows about the important of energy conservation practices and encourage them to help each other be responsible about their electricity use. If your children can help each other be more energy efficient, you can spend less time trailing behind them turning off lights and unplugging unused appliances.

Spend Time Together

Another thing you can do to save energy as a family is to spend more time together in the home. Additional electricity is needed to light every additional room you occupy, so the less space your family takes up on a regular basis, the better. One simple trick is to eat more meals together. If everyone gathers in the dining room for dinner, the bedroom and living room lights can have a chance to rest.

Energy conservation is important for the planet and for your wallet. If you’re considering having your lighting redone to be more energy efficient for you and your family, contact us and Gavin Electric and we can design a lighting plan that’s right for you.