We recently posted a guide to energy efficient lighting for your business highlighting some key practices for lighting your business in an environmentally conscious way. Offices generally use a lot of energy. With multiple lights, electronics running, appliances and more, it’s important to save energy not only to cut costs but to also be environmentally responsible. Here are a few of the ways you can save energy at the office.

Upgrade lighting

Ditch the incandescent light bulbs and opt for LED and fluorescent lighting and UID lights for larger spaces. Even if you have fluorescent lighting already, the fixtures may be older, which are not up to par with the energy efficient goals of newer energy star-rated products.

Look for products that have lumens vs. watts and choose the number of lumens (the measurement of light) you need for your space. From exit signs to ceiling lighting, you can lower your energy use by retrofitting them with LED light choices.

Managing electronics

Set your computers to hibernate after a certain period of inactivity. Make sure to turn them off after use or have timers that automatically turn computers off after-work hours. When technology isn’t in use, make sure the settings allow it to use the least bit of energy possible in order to reduce energy consumption and costs! If every person does this in your office, you’ll see a huge impact.

Using cloud storage

Cloud storage systems is far more energy efficient than computer servers. In fact, it’s possible for small businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by switching from a server system to a cloud-based system reducing up to 90% of energy costs!

Using newer thermostat systems

 Use a thermostat system that adjusts the temperature in smaller increments to save money on energy costs. These smart systems are great because you can set the temperature in advance for evenings and weekends to save on energy costs. Plus, it’ll lower the chances of having the office too hot or too cold (depending on the season).

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