We all know to turn the light off when we leave the house or a room to save energy. Saving electricity by turning the light off is second nature to most of us. But what about when you are using a space and want to create a bright, inviting atmosphere? Lights are natural mood enhancers, particularly in the dark and dreary days of winter. This January, learn how to leave the light on and still save electricity.


  • If you haven’t already, replace your incandescent light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs. When you receive your next bill, you’ll never go back to incandescent. (Handy Tip: Hydro Quebec has a calculator that can help you estimate the money you will save.)


  • Look for energy efficient fixtures (you can look for the ENERGY STAR label as a guide). Also consider dimmers and photosensitive motion detectors; this will allow you to use the amount of light you want, when you want, and no more.


  • Choose your light source strategically. Do you find yourself turning on multiple lights to brighten one dark room? Perhaps consider installing one more effective overhead light, or changing the location of the light source to suit the dimensions and needs of the room. Do you need a bright light, but only for one corner of the room? Invest in a good reading or work lamp, and place it in a location that maximizes the brightness of your workspace. Choosing the location and source of your light can go a long way to reducing waste.


  • Use natural light! The winter sun can be an effective source of light (and the sun can also provide warmth even in the coldest months). Pull back the curtains and allow your natural light sources to do their work.


If you spend some time choosing light sources and locations, you will save electricity and also be able to light your house or apartment effectively. This winter, don’t cave to seasonal depression; keep your home a bright and merry place by following these tips from Gavin Electric.