We’re more than just contractors: we’re partners.


We are contractors that think like engineers, and engineers that think like contractors

Design Build

The best way to avoid cost overruns and schedule delays is to get everyone on the same page from the very beginning. With our design assist services, our team of in-house estimators gets involved in the pre-construction phase, providing detailed drawings that take every other building component and structure into account. We also involve general contractors and sub-trades in the process to enhance our understanding of the many factors at play. Through collaboration and teamwork, we can prevent costly and time-intensive issues from occurring down the road.

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Design Assist

When you choose Gavin’s design build services, we provide all of the experts you need under one roof, from engineers and project managers to estimators and product specialists. During pre-construction, we advise our clients on the most cost-effective utilities solutions in the long term, conduct in-depth lighting studies, and help find adequate grants to minimize their financial impact. When it’s time to build, our project managers will be ready with innovative and budget-conscious ways to execute the installation and maximize the project’s efficiency.

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New Construction

When it comes to new construction, we’re prepared to accommodate your needs to the letter. Our estimators can prepare their own drawings, or we can work with your engineers’ plans. We can deliver a full-service solution, or collaborate with your in-house team to optimize your budget, schedule, and planning. Gavin’s services can be completely adapted to your resources, timeline, and specialized requirements – that’s the benefit of working with a highly experienced and agile team.

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Lighting Specialists

It takes a highly specialized lighting contractor to properly advise on energy cost reduction, proper usage, and maximizing efficiency. Gavin can conduct lighting audits, provide expert recommendations, and spearhead floor-to-ceiling relamping projects for both interior and exterior spaces. Additionally, thanks to our retrofitting and scheduled maintenance services, you can rest easy knowing your lighting setup is safe, optimal, and completely up to standard.

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Service Maintenance

Nobody ever expects to find themselves in an emergency situation – so our service department has been trained to handle the unexpected swiftly and efficiently. If you need a repair to be completed on an extremely tight deadline, we can quickly dispatch one of our many service crews to your location. Our electricians will arrive with all the equipment they need to address your specific challenge, proactively handling each situation with agility and a can-do attitude.

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