Houses are made to withstand a lot.  Through howling winds, freezing winters, and blistering summers, your home protects you from the worst of the elements.  However, just like people, houses are not indestructible, no matter how strong they seem.  Things get warped, worn out, and worn down over time and through the wear and tear of daily life and usage.  Everything needs a tune up now and then, and here are some signs as to when your home needs a tune up too.

Flickering Lights

Have you ever turned on your washing machine to notice the lights elsewhere in your house getting dimmer?  This means you could certainly stand to have an electrician do a check up on your home electrical system to make sure nothing is getting overloaded or needlessly strained. Making sure that electricity stays sufficiently distributed throughout your home means it is less likely you will suffer the adverse effects of a power surge when you are in the middle of doing something important when you are using electricity.

Warped Wood

Two-by-four wooden beams are often used as the bones of the walls in your home, along with drywall, insulation, and sometimes brick.  After many years, the wood and insulation inside your walls can become warped by moisture, or even from the effort of supporting your house for so many years.

Often times electrical wires run through walls like this and they can be adversely affected when the wood and insulation around them is damaged or warped.  If you see a crack in your drywall along the floor or ceiling, or if your walls do not smell so fresh, they may be warping from moisture and time, which threatens your home’s electrical system.

Having renovations done to your home doesn’t have to be a stressful process.  With the right contractor on your side, proper renovation work will make sure you stay comfortable in your home for as long as possible. For the very best in electrical renovation services, contact the experts at Gavin Electric today.