It is easy to forget that we get all of our resources from nature – especially electricity.  Depending on which provinces around the country you live in, electricity can come from harmful fossil fuels, hydro-electric dams, or even nuclear power plants.

All of these methods of producing electricity have ecological and environmental impacts on the world around us, from habitat loss, to global warming, to nuclear waste.  It can be easy to make small changes around your home and lifestyle to save yourself money on the electricity bill, and save some wear and tear on the environment.

Housing Tips

-Many houses are not as solidly built as they seem.  Every home can develop little cracks and gaps in window and doorframes that can let out heat.  In fact, 40% of heat loss is from these little gaps, so take the time to seal them up with caulking, tape, or heat-treated plastic.

-Make sure your home has insulation everywhere: the floors, the roof, the walls, and even the basement.  Being this thorough with your house’s insulation makes sure you stay cool in the summer as well as warm and cozy in the winter.

Appliance Tips

-Kitchen appliances, entertainment consoles, computers, printers, or any appliance with a standby mode is actually using electricity when it is not being used or completely turned on.  This is called ‘phantom energy’ and quite a few appliances have this function.  When you are not using these appliances, be sure to unplug or turn them off completely.

-Have one dedicated area in your home for charging phones or music players. Plug everything into one power bar until everything is charged, then turn the power bar off until something else needs charging again.

-If you’re buying any new appliances or electronics, be sure to tell the sales associate that you are looking for energy efficiency.  This should help you get your entire home energy conscious in no time flat.

Helping the environment also helps yourself, your community and your family.  The less energy you use, the less stress you put on the world around you, and the less money you’ll have to pay in the future. For all your electrical service needs, contact the experts at Gavin Electric today.