The importance of using surge protectors with your electronics

My dad used always say you can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many surge protectors. But why? Surge protectors are vital, and you only need to hear the horror stories of the damages from surges to understand why.

For example, in Acton, Massachusetts, only 300 miles from Montreal, a lightning strike on a utility pole caused a power surge on a house and led to $11,000 in damages. Just one lightning strike can destroy all your gadgets and appliances – and unfortunately, sometimes lightning can strike twice. For this reason, surge protection must be more involved than simply putting a surge protector on every outlet. Surge protectors must be supplemented with an approach that follows best practices for wiring in the home. This is because an electrical contractor should take these steps, making sure that whole-house suppressors are correctly and safely wired to the service panel. Most quality electrical contractors in the Montreal area would bill around 2 hours for this service. The general contractor cost for protecting an average residential house is generally $500. Considering the risks involved, is a bargain and an investment in peace of mind.

If you have more questions about surge protectors or protecting a home against surges, contact Gavin Electric for some of the best electrical contracting in Montreal.

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