It’s 2016, and the evidence is clear: homeowners have bought into the benefits of investing in solar power. With so many incentives available to homeowners at every income level many have spent up to a third of their home’s value on solar panel additions.

For many homeowners, the incentives available through municipalities and other initiatives along with the ability to offset their energy expenses and potentially generate a profit long-term make the investment into the right electrical contractor a no-brainer. Gavin Electric has been in the electric industry for a century, and never before have we seen such an interesting industry change.

Solar Across the Nation

There are currently over one million solar installations in the United States, and experts expect Canada to be in the same ballpark very soon. Solar installations now cost much less than they did 10 years ago. Better technology, lower prices and government incentives have been the primary drivers behind the surge the solar industry is currently in. The growth in professional electric companies with the knowledge to install these products has helped the industry along as well.

There are currently several states around the US and provinces around Canada focused on capitalizing on the opportunities available with solar power and other renewable energies. In order to make these new programs work, governments have found ways to incentivize their local community members as much as possible.

The incentives and initiatives employed by municipalities are responsible for more than 50 percent of the growth realized by the renewable energy sector in the past few decades.

Solar on the Rise

Solar power has quickly become the most popular form of renewable energy in North America. Many people now favor it over other renewable sources because it provides more flexibility. Recent trends suggest that eventually Canada will make a much more proactive effort to depend on renewable energies instead of fossil fuels.

Solar panels are a wise investment, but the actual installation can be quite complicated. In order to get job done correctly, homeowners should always contact an electrical contractor who has enough experience. Depending on what province you live in, it may be very easy to figure out how much money and energy solar can save you over the next few decades. Working with a professional contractor can help ensure that the panels are working efficiently and that there are no potential hazards caused by the wiring setup.