Have you ever considered what it’s like to work as an electrician? You know, the person wearing the overalls and the hardhat swinging that box of mysterious wires as they waltz into your home?

You might know their number by heart, but you likely don’t know the ins and outs of their profession. Here are some things you probably didn’t know your electrician could do:

Diagnose and Stop the Shock
Are you consistently getting shocked by some of your appliances? This might be the result of a defect in the item’s insulation. Your electrician can update your wiring to stop the problem.

Customize Your Lighting
If you want to dim the lights on your side of the bed while your partner reads on the other, your electrician can help. By replacing the toggle switch with a dimmer switch, you can have total control over your area.

Modernize Your Outlets
If you live in an old home with two-prong outlets, it may be time to upgrade to a safer system. Electricians can switch your outlets to the modern, three-pronged system, or add new outlets to areas where they are in need. Say no more to power bars and clutter!

Ensure Your Safety
If you’ve never had a professional check the wiring of your home, it’s possible your electrical system is operating unsafely. Electricians ensure your system is operating in line with modern safety standards.

Be Eco-Friendly
Ask your electrician about what eco-friendly products they can install in your home. Solar panel lighting or energy-saving light bulbs, which are installed and maintained by electricians, are a great way to lower your ecological footprint.

Electricians can choose between several different specialties, including residential, commercial, industrial, or outside linemen. Not only do electricians wire your home, they may also deal with wiring airplanes, ships and other large machinery.

Move Heavy Things
Physical fitness is a key component to working as an electrician. Climbing ladders, crawling through or digging holes, lifting heavy objects, and breaking through walls are all tasks electricians must engage in on a daily basis.

Electricians must work in many conditions, from hot, sticky basements to operating in frozen outdoor settings.

Help Fix DIY Mistakes, Without Judgement
Have you ever tried to fix an electrical problem on your own, and failed…badly? To ensure your safety, and that of your family, electricians should be made aware of these mistakes.

If anything, they would be happy to help and show you how to fix the issue properly.

If you are considering hiring an electrician, or have questions about the electrical system in your home, the professionals at Gavin Electric can help.

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